Annette Hess Psychotherapy and counseling services for families, individuals and couples in the San Francisco Bay Area - California.
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I am a San Francisco based psychotherapist who offers consultation and therapy to adults, couples, adolescents and families with children. I have been in private practice since 1985, including 20 years of simultaneous work in a medical setting.
My years of experience have shown me that people can be helped to find vast resources within themselves. Human beings are resilient.

By helping people of all ages, I am able to assist people integrate their childhood patterns into their present day awareness. Life teaches us, and with each experience we can discover new foundations for hope.


Coming into therapy offers people an opportunity to establish a unique collaborative relationship. Working together, we can find solutions to immediate life issues such as relational problems, parenting challenges, and significant life choices. We will explore today’s experiences using insights learned about the past.


My work with couples starts with a triage approach: We collaboratively assess to determine the central forces of difficulty. We find the way the couple’s system has and hasn’t worked in the past and then rapidly and effectively build new ways of relating which creates a new architecture for living in the relationship. I have had experience with couples of all ages and types, and enable them to formulate new and clear agreements about their lives together.


I have extensive experience with human development, parenting, and education. I have known (literally) thousands of children, and have had the privilege of following some of them as they have developed to adulthood. As a result of my experience I can help parents define appropriate expectations for their particular child. I believe that when parents take a developmental view, they are better able to create sound family practices that help children blossom. I usually provide “Parental Guidance”, giving parents tools to use throughout their children’s growing years. I have guided families during life-threatening illness, divorce, and everyday challenges using short- and long-term therapy models.




I am available to provide one or two session consultations to offer “snap shots” or “second opinions” for a new viewpoint on possible therapeutic directions.



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Annette Hess - Psychotherapy and counseling for individuals, couples and families with children in the San Francisco, Bay Area - California.

Annette Hess L.C.S.W.


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